Ticket Sales Terms and Conditions

Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts
Ticket Sales Terms and Conditions

Passo is the authorized ticket seller of events organized by İKSV. In addition, İKSV is responsible for operating a main ticket office for all the events it offers without claiming any service charges. You can find detailed information regarding the ticket sales channels on the websites of festivals and events.

No establishment, organization or person other than İKSV or Passo has the right to sell event tickets. Tickets for the events İKSV organized cannot be used for any kind of commercial activities. Under no circumstances can you sell or offer purchased tickets to third persons by demanding extra fees or by any other means. Purchased tickets cannot be used for promotional or commercial purposes, including but not limited to advertisements, competitions and giveaways. Offers and promotions to be carried out by the sponsors of İKSV are subject to the consent of İKSV.

Passo Retail Stores, Passo Call Center and Passo Website, which are amongst the Passo ticket sales channels, may claim service and handling charges for selling tickets.

Ticket buyers are responsible for preserving and protecting their tickets. Please remember to keep your tickets in a safe place as they might become unusable due to the direct sunlight or heat. İKSV or Passo cannot be held accountable for lost or stolen tickets, or tickets that are damaged in any way.

İKSV has the right to cancel or postpone events to different dates for various reasons. In this case, İKSV determines the course of action and announces it on the website of the festival or the event, as well as informs the ticket buyers via SMS and e-mail. As soon as İKSV makes an announcement regarding the cancellation of an event, the change of date or venue as well as the respective new date and venue for an event, ticket buyers become responsible for being informed about these announcements. Individuals who do not consent to receive communications via mobile phone or e-mail address while buying event tickets, automatically accepts that they will not be notified of possible cancellations or date or venue changes of the events, and that in such case they become responsible for being informed about these changes.

As a general principle, all ticket sales are final. According to the Article 15(g) of the Regulations on Distance Contract, you have a withdrawal right regarding the tickets you purchased. In case a ticket purchased by yourself is lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed, ticket changing/printing a new ticket, or a refund will not be possible. Under no circumstances apart from the cancellation of the event, sold tickets cannot be cancelled, changed or refunded. However, in cases where it is not possible for a ticket owner to attend an event whose date is changed, he or she can receive a refund. The amount of refund is limited to the amount written on the purchased ticket as well as the service charge claimed per tickets, while transaction fees or miscellaneous fees cannot be claimed back.

Additionally, İKSV has the right to impose limitations on the refund conditions as well as to make changes in the program, in case of cancellation or postponement of an event. The ticket buyers are responsible for following the refund request deadline determined by İKSV, as well as the other instructions Refunds for tickets and/or service charges cannot be provided outside the dates provided by İKSV. In order to receive refunds amounting to the ticket price for cancelled or postponed events, the said ticket must be submitted to Passo Retail Stores or İKSV’s main ticket office. No amount of refund can be made for the tickets that are not actually submitted, and as such Passo and İKSV are not responsible for it.

Terms and conditions regarding the tickets and/or purchasing and use of tickets are established according to the rules set out by relevant venues and İKSV. In case you violate any of these rules and regulations, cause damage or disturbance, and exhibit illegal and/or criminal behaviors, authorized person of the venue or İKSV has the right to remove you from the venue or not allow you to enter it. Occasional security searches might be carried out to ensure your safety. Also, large bags or luggage might not be allowed inside the venue. As such, explosive, penetrative and sharp objects are not allowed inside the event venue. Security team authorized by İKSV has the right to not allow those who carry such objects to enter the venue. Nobody other than the civil servants who have to possess a gun as part of their duty are allowed to enter the event venue with a gun. Besides, İKSV has the right to refuse selling tickets to customers who do not provide personal information, for the sake of security or other reasons. İKSV asks event attendees to provide identity information as it’s especially important for the event organizer to have this information to ensure security. Therefore, since İKSV has the right to refuse selling tickets if you do not wish to share your personal information with İKSV, you should carefully read the “Privacy Statement” provided on the website of Passo before you buy any tickets.

Entries into and exits from the event venue are carried out according to the rules and arrangements determined by İKSV and the event venue. If you leave the event venue after the ticket control you cannot enter the venue again. Also, if a wristband system is employed for entries, you may not be allowed inside the venue if you are not wearing your wristband. In case you are late for the event, İKSV decides whether you may be allowed to enter or not depending on the type of event, in accordance with the rules and arrangements determined by İKSV. İKSV does not guarantee in any way that the latecomers be allowed inside the event venue, nor is it responsible for it. You can refer to the Essential Information section on the website of the relevant festival or event to learn about practices for latecomers.

The use of cameras, mobile phones or recording equipment is dependent on the rules and arrangements established by İKSV. For this reason, it may be prohibited to bring cameras or other recording equipment as well as laser pointers and mobile phones inside the event venue. During the event, if you insist on recording the event even though you were previously warned by the authorized personnel, your ticket may be cancelled, and you may be removed from the event venue.

Unfortunately, we do not allow pets inside the event venue, apart from the assistance dogs for the people with disabilities.

People with disabilities can buy discounted tickets for themselves and their one companion. For more information regarding the accessibility of the venues you can contact İKSV ticket office by calling at +90 (212) 334 08 41.

İKSV may prohibit attendees from bringing food and drinks inside the venue.

Event venue or İKSV does not assume any responsibility regarding the personal belongings of the attendees.

Ticket owners are only entitled to a seat whose value is written on the ticket, while the event venue or İKSV reserves the right to provide the ticket owners with a different seat other than the one specified on the ticket, and to make changes to the seating plan.

Passo assumes no other liability, undertaking or responsibility regarding the tickets, ticket sales and/or events, other than providing the value written on the ticket and its respective service charge. Ticket owners accept, declare and undertake that the responsibility of Passo is limited to the said provision and that they will not hold Passo responsible regardless of the name under which and for matters other than the ones stated in the said provision.

It is assumed that you have checked the venue floor plan and made your choice of category accordingly, while buying a ticket from Passo or İKSV for events whose tickets are offered under different categories. İKSV and Passo does not guarantee in any way that you will be provided an available seat in case you wish to change your ticket category afterwards. You must deliver and return the tickets whose category you wish to change to the relevant ticket office, and buy a new ticket afterwards, in case a seat is available in a desired category. You cannot change your ticket to a different category by paying the price difference between the two categories.

Various periodical categories are offered for some İKSV events such as gate ticket and seasonal pricing. Therefore, ticket prices may vary according to the season in which you purchase a ticket.

You may buy tickets from the event booths in event days. However, İKSV does not guarantee in any way that a ticket sale will be available in the event booth.

Viewers buying a student ticket for an event are obliged to show their valid student ID’s before entering the venue. In the event that viewers with a student ticket fails to show their student ID’s, they will be asked to go to the event booth to pay for the price difference between an adult ticket and a student ticket. The viewers assume full responsibility if they are late for the event due to the waiting time on the line arising from the above case.

İKSV announces that special offers are subject to limited quotas for all the events with a special offer which are organized by İKSV. You can refer to sales channels of İKSV and Passo at any time to learn whether tickets with a special offer are sold out or not.

İKSV reserves the right to offer discounts to various groups of viewers (students, Tulip Card owners, elders over the age of 65, etc.).

Seating capacity devoted for Tulip Card owners is limited to a quota. This quota cannot be more than 35% of the whole capacity. In case the pre-sale quota devoted for Tulip Card owners is reached, they may try to buy their tickets during the general sale period.

Also, the number of tickets Tulip Card owners can buy during the pre-sale periods is limited to a quota. (2 tickets per event for the owners of Black, White or Red Tulip Card, and 1 for the owners of Red Tulip (Single) Card)

Unless otherwise specified, İKSV events are open to ages 7 and above. You must buy tickets for children whose ages are within the relevant age limit in order to attend events organized by İKSV. You must buy tickets for ages 7 and above to attend events with a seating plan and without the 18+ age limit. It’s not allowed for babies or children to sit on a parent’s lap. Depending on the type of event, viewers under certain ages may not be allowed inside the venue. You can find important information regarding the age limitations for events by referring to event pages on the website of İKSV and Passo.