İKSV is always excited and happy to have by its side individuals and corporations that support the foundation in reaching its goals.

All activities realised by İKSV since 1973 have been possible only with the undying interest of art lovers, as well as our donors who have supported İKSV at all times. İKSV’s supporters play an essential role in the finance of the activities that are held to achieve the foundation’s preliminary objectives.

Until today, İKSV’s donors have enabled the access of hundreds of children to the arts and culture with the donation programme known as “BitamBiöğrenci”. In the year 2017, with the patronage programme initiated with the 36th Istanbul Film Festival, our individual supporters made it possible for students to watch the festival films for 1 TL in daytime screenings. As part of the Eczacıbaşı Culture & Arts Card project, Eczacıbaşı Holding has contributed to young people's access to culture and arts by presenting a card with prepaid credit of 250 TL to more than 1000 students for 3 years. The project currently continues with the Eczacıbaşı Youth Ticket project, where tickets are offered to students at 10 TL for all events organised by İKSV with the support of Eczacıbaşı Holding.

İKSV initiated a Young Artists Fund through fundraising activities in its 50th anniversary. İKSV also launched the Instrument Support Fund in 2023 with funds allocated from its 2023 budget and thanks to the collaboration of two major instrument suppliers in Turkey, doremusic and Zuhal Müzik, and further support from Pozitif Müzik and other supporters, to provide instruments to music students and instructors affected by the earthquakes that took place in 6 February 2023. You can follow the upcoming donation projects to be offered in various events of İKSV from this page.

We invite all individuals and corporations that value the arts and culture as crucial building blocks for a thriving country and society, to support İKSV.

For donations please contact us via info@iksv.org