Information Notice on Processing of Personal Data for Vitrin Delegates


This Information Notice on Processing of Personal Data is prepared by İstanbul Kültür ve Sanat Vakfı and also includes the İstanbul Kültür ve Sanat Vakfı Tur. Paz. Org. İktisadi İşletmesi (IKSV) acting as and in the capacity of a data controller. The personal data which the Users share on the website, whether fill up the sign-up form, or signing as a member or without being a member of the website which IKSV operates can be processed pursuant to the provisions of the Law on Protection of Personal Data no. 6698 (“Law no. 6698”).

This Information Notice On Processing of Personal Data includes and regulates information about the conditions and provisions to the Users about the relation including the ability to watch concert or festivals online and the other services stated above.

Within the scope of this Information Notice On Processing of Personal Data; you are informed about which personal data are processed, for what purpose your personal data may be processed, the method and legal reason for collecting your personal data, the parties to whom your personal data can be transferred and the rights you have.

1. Which Personal Data Do We Process?

Your personal data means information that identifies or makes you identifiable. Your personal data below can be processed.

Identity Information: Name, Surname,

Contact Information: Telephone number, e-mail address, country of residence address and other contact information,

Professional Experience: Institution, Position.

Apart from the above, IKSV is able to collect information about the User's use of the Site by using cookies (Cookie), which are a technical communication file, and IP information is collected via cookies to determine the access and usage habits of the services offered on the Site.

This information includes from which IP address the site user connects, where he goes on the site, where he clicks, as well as the number of users visiting the site, user type, visit frequency, user behavior and habits, from which countries users visit the site, etc. information that makes up statistics. From which site the site came from and which site is visited after the site, the geographical location of the users, their reactions to the advertising banners on the site, the personal information that the user has given at his own request to the site and the sites of the business partners, the preferences made on the site, the movements related to the pages of the site and our business partners in social networking sites can be taken and processed.

2. Purposes of the Processing of Your Personal Data:

We, as İKSV, may process them for the following various purposes (“Purposes”):

  • to carry out the commercial activities of the IKSV
  • to take actions so as to let the relevant persons to make use of our products and services;
  • to plan and execute the commercial and/or business strategies of the IKSV
  • to customize the products and services offered by the IKSV according to the habits and needs of use and offer the same to the related persons;
  • to plan and execute the human resources policies and processes of the IKSV;
  • to plan and executive business activities of the IKSV;
  • to manage and handle the customer relations management processes, to plan and execute sales processes for the products and services;
  • to manage the relations with business partners or suppliers;
  • to plan corporate governance activities;
  • to plan activities for assuring business continuity;
  • to plan the marketing processes of products and/or services,to follow up and handle the customer demands or complaints;
  • to follow up and handle the financial and/or accounting processes;
  • and to follow up and handle the legal affairs.

3. The Method and Legal Reason of Collecting Your Personal Data:

Your personal data are obtained and processed by İKSV through İKSV website and its affiliated websites, through ticket sales companies provided that you consent to such sharing, using communication forms that you are asked to sign during the events, with entirely or partly automatic methods, or non-automatic/physical methods provided that it is part of a data recording system, depending on your type of communication with İKSV.

Your personal data are processed with your explicit consent as per Article 5/1. Additionally, should conditions provide, your personal data may be processed in order to;

  • conclude, execute and terminate a support contract with you, if any, as per Article 5/2/c;
  • in order for İKSV to be able to perform its legal obligations such as storing commercial electronic communications as per Article 5/2/ç;
  • in case data processing is mandatory for the establishment, exercise, or protection of any right as per Article 5/2/e;
  • and in case data processing is mandatory for the legitimate interests of the data controller provided that this processing shall not violate the fundamental rights and freedoms of the data subjects as per Article 5/2/f.

4. To Which Parties and For What Purposes Your Personal Data May Be Transferred:

Your personal data may be shared with and transferred to ongoing business partners, intermediary service providers, real or legal entities that provides various services, suppliers and consultants, for purposes such as fulfilling the abovementioned data processing Purposes, sending electronic mails, processing, storing and protecting data, in line with legal limitations and to the extent of the necessity and purpose of such transfer, in line with the abovementioned Purposes and in accordance with the Articles 8 and 9 of the Law numbered 6698.

Personal data may be transferred to real or legal entities residing in Turkey as well as abroad on the condition that they shall be processed in Turkey or processed and stored outside Turkey (to countries that have sufficient measures regarding the protection of personal data and/or to countries falling short of such measures provided that the conditions specified by the Personal Data Protection Law shall be satisfied).

Furthermore, personal data may be shared with public bodies or institutions authorized to demand and obtain such data out of legal necessity.

Rights of Data Subject under the Law numbered 6698 Article 11

As personal data owners, you are entitled

  • To learn whether your personal data are processed or not,
  • In case your personal data are processed, to request information,
  • To learn the purpose of processing your data and whether they are used for the intended purposes or not,
  • To learn the third parties at home or abroad to whom your personal data are transferred,
  • If your personal data are processed incompletely or inaccurately, to request correction, and, accordingly, to request that third parties to whom your personal data were transferred be notified of such action,
  • Even if your personal data are processed in compliance with the Law numbered 6698 and other applicable provisions, if the reasons requiring data processing are no longer valid, to request erasure or destruction of your personal data, and, accordingly, to request that the third parties to whom your personal data were transferred be notified of such action,
  • To raise objections against the analyzing of your processed data exclusively by automatic means if it leads to an unfavorable consequence for you, and
  • To request compensation for the damage arising from the unlawful processing of your personal data.

As personal data owners, in case you deliver your claims related to your rights on an application form with wet-ink signature to the postal address İstanbul Kültür Sanat Vakfı Nejat Eczacıbaşı Binası Sadi Konuralp Caddesi No:5 Şişhane 34433 İstanbul, or to the email address with secure electronic signature/mobile signature or from the email address submitted beforehand to İKSV and registered in İKSV's system, your claim will be concluded as soon as possible or, at the latest, within 30 (thirty) days depending on the nature of the claim.

In case this transaction brings an extra cost, a compensation will be requested from you as per the rates determined by the Personal Data Protection Board.