The Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts has been regularly conducting research and publishing reports since 2011 with the aim of playing an active role in the formation of cultural policies and compile data in the field.

The Cultural Policy Studies department at İKSV published its seventh report to date, titled ‘Living Together: Fostering Cultural Pluralism through the Arts’, in July 2018. Co-authored by Dr. Feyzi Baban from Trent University and Dr. Kim Rygiel from Wilfrid Laurier University, the report focuses on the role of culture and the arts in facilitating the long-term integration of newcomers and alternative forms of living together in societies that are increasingly diverse and pluralistic, especially in the context of migration.

The report presents a summary of academic reviews and discussions on the topic, showcases good practices both from Europe and Turkey, and surveys and evaluates creative initiatives that work towards fostering cultural pluralism by taking the arts and culture at the centre of their activities.