The Uniting Power of Arts and Needs of the Cultural Field During the Pandemic

This policy text emphasises the social value of culture and arts, and outlines the steps taken by different countries in support of the creative sectors during the coronavirus pandemic and the resulting lockdown. The text also dedicates a section to the current state of public support mechanisms in the cultural field in Turkey and offers suggestions.

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Constitutional Studies

As an establishment organizing cultural and arts activities on an international scale since 1973, Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts carried out a study on a new article to be included in the new constitution, in line with the works of the Commission on Constitutional Consensus of Turkish Grand National Assembly. The proposed article regulates the right of the individual to take part in, access to and contribute in cultural life. As part of this process a discussion meeting was organized for other establishments in the field of culture in collaboration with Prof. Dr. Turgut Tarhanlı, the Dean of Istanbul Bilgi University’s Faculty of Law, where Turkey’s preparations for a new constitution were evaluated within the framework of basic concepts that are directly related to culture and arts, such as access to culture, cultural democracy, freedom of expression and creative activities. The meeting continued with the drafting of a proposed article entitled "The Right to Take Part in, Access to and Contribute to Cultural Life" which was later submitted to the Parliamentary Commission on Constitutional Consensus.

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Cultural Diplomacy

General cultural diplomacy strategies that would enable Turkey’s rich cultural and artistic heritage find a place in the international arena are summarized.

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İKSV Opinion on the Draft Law for the Establishment of the Art Institution of Turkey to Support Arts

The Draft Law regarding the establishment of the Art Institution of Turkey (TÜSAK) by Republic of Turkey Ministry of Culture and Tourism was brought to assesment of contracting parties on March 3, 2014 in a workshop held in Ankara.

On behalf of İKSV, General Director Görgün Taner and the Director of Cultural Policy Studies Özlem Ece participated in the workshop, where opinions, criticisms and suggestions regarding the law draft were discussed.

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Regulation on the Screening of Domestically Produced Films without the Requirement of Obtaining Registration Documents

This policy text draws attention to the obstacles the practice of registration documents has brought forth in the process of organising artistic events in Turkey, by evaluating the legal framework of the practice.

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Cultural Policy Priorities and Suggestions for Political Parties

Under the scope of its cultural policy studies, İKSV has shared a policy document with all the political parties before the 2015 elections. The document contains detailed policy suggessions in the field of cultural policy.

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A Review of the 2015 Election Manifestos from a Cultural Policy Perspective

İKSV has evaluated election manifestos prepared for the general election to be held in June 2015 from the perspective of cultural policy. The election manifestos were analysed considering the priorities and needs of the area and in the light of another policy document titled “Cultural Policy Priorities and Recommendations to Political Parties for Election Manifestos” which was published by İKSV in January 2015.

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