Ahmet Doğu İpek, mostly known for his paintings which combine traditional materials such as watercolour and pencil with innovative techniques, has also a wide range of other works including site-specific installations, three-dimensional studies as well as collaborative productions with artists from other disciplines. 

İpek's works bring together the physical realities of the city, urban design and architecture, and deal with opposed notions of forms that are deliberate or spontaneous; repetitive and coincidental; along with the concept of memory and recording. As one of the finalists of the Prudential Eye Awards using Drawing in 2015, the artist’s works have been exhibited in many cities among which are London, Vienna, Singapore, Miami and Dubai. Recently, İpek has been working on the medium of video and aspire to focus on real building architecture in near future.

Ahmet Doğu İpek lives and works in Istanbul, where his last solo exhibition Days took place in April 2017, at Galata Greek Primary School.