The sponsorship program has been designed to meet the promotion and marketing needs and strategies of the sponsors. The sponsorship categories are:

Official Sponsors

Official sponsors support İKSV and are entitled to use the title of Sponsor for an entire year. Their names and logos appear on the materials of all the festivals. These institutions are classified by their sectors, such as "official carrier," "official bank," "official hotel of İKSV," etc. Since 1995, when the sponsorship program was designed, The Marmara, Renault, Emlak Bank, Koçbank, Finansbank and Turkish Airlines have acted as official sponsors of İKSV. The Foundation’s 2018 official sponsors are: Official Communication Sponsor Vodafone, Official Carrier DHL, and Official Hotel Sponsor The Marmara.

Festival / Biennial Sponsors

Festival sponsors serve as the main sponsor for a particular festival. Their names and logos appear on all materials (printed materials, media, decoration at the respective venues) related to that festival. The title of Festival Sponsor can be used for one calendar year. Borusan is the Festival Sponsor of the Istanbul Music Festival. Garanti Bank is the Festival Sponsor of the Istanbul Jazz Festival. The Festival Co-sponsors of the Istanbul Theatre Festival are Aygaz, Entek, Opet and Tüpraş. Koç Holding is the 2007-2036 sponsor of the Istanbul Biennial.

Istanbul Theatre Festival Co-Sponsors
  • OPET
Film Festival Theme Sponsors

A corporation that supports one of the themes of the Istanbul Film Festival programme becomes the theme sponsor of the festival. Every theme comprises of 3-12 films, and each film is screened 2-3 times through the festival. Theme sponsors are provided with visibility privileges before the screening of every film in their theme.

Music/Jazz/Theatre Festivals Performance Sponsors

A corporation that supports a specific performance at the festivals become the Performance Sponsor.

Film/Music/Jazz/Theatre/Biennial Contributing Corporations

These corporations do not support a specific Project or performance but they contribute to the festival as a whole. They are provided with opportunuties to showcase their products, disseminate samples etc. in several venues throughout the festival.

Biennial Supporters

Individuals and corporations that make a donation to contribute to the realisation of the Istanbul Biennial become the Biennial Supporters.

Media Sponsors

İKSV's advertising campaign depends on the support of media sponsors, which are divided into three sub-categories: press, TV, magazine and radio sponsors. The goal behind this category is to secure free news coverage for İKSV. The Media Sponsors support all events organized over a given year.

Service Sponsors

Several services are provided during the festivals by service sponsors, either free of charge or at discount rates. İKSV’s current service sponsors include American Hospital, Zurich Sigorta, Navitas, GfK, bluechip creative events, AGC Software, Uzman CRM, PLAZA OSGB, Loodos Technology, OMD Digital, and Somera.

In addition, collaborations in different categories are available in the scope of the biennials. Please contact İKSV Sponsorship Programme for further information.