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Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
Nick Cave vocals, piano | Warren Ellis violin, keys | Larry Mullins drums | Martyn P Casey bass | James Sclavunos percussion & vibes | George Vjestica guitars | Carly Paradis keys | Subrina McCalla singer | Janet Ramus singer | Travis Cole singer

Black Country, New Road
Charlie Wayne drums | Lewis Evans vocals, sax | Luke Mark guitar | Nina Lim violin | Tyler Hyde vocals, bass | May Kershaw vocals, keys

Door opening: 18.00
Radyo Eksen DJ Set (Gülşah Turgut): 18.00
Black Country, New Road: 19.45
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds: 21.30

One of the most intense and exciting live acts on the planet; Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds will be in Istanbul on 21 August, with their first shows in 4 years. To set the mood before Nick Cave is Black Country New Road!

Formed following the break-up of The Birthday Party in 1982, to date the band have released seventeen studio albums, starting with From Her To Eternity in 1984, to the Bad Seeds' latest album Ghosteen, which has been widely received as their best work ever. One of the most critically acclaimed acts working today, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds have sold over 5 million albums worldwide to date. Their influence has been profound and far-reaching with many artists covering their work and citing their influence, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds continue to remain peerless and defy expectations.

Before Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, British experimental rock band Black Country New Road will greet you. Their Mercury nominated first album For The First Time became the talk of the town in 2021 and just this February, they refreshed the excitement of their fans with Ants from Up There. This summer, they tour seven countries, playing hidden gems from their discography, and among their prior stops, there is also the fantastic Barcelona Primavera.

Having played many times in Istanbul as the guest of the Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts (İKSV) throughout their ever-bright career, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds will this time sing their memorable songs at the 50th anniversary of the Foundation. You are awaited at Parkorman on this late August Sunday, to spend the evening with Nick Cave and his listeners in the Istanbul forests. .


General sale starts at 10.30 on Monday, 14 February. İKSV main box office is open every day between 10.00 and 18.00 except Sunday.

It is forbidden to bring food and beverage from outside.

The maximum number of tickets a person can buy is 10.

The specified time is the door opening time.

This event has an age limit of 18-year-old. Those under the age of 18 can attend the concert accompanied by their parents.

Student tickets are sold as a separate category.

Guests should not remove their wristbands during the event. If you leave the venue, re-entry with a ticket will not be possible.


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