Burçak Bingöl is born in 1976 in Görele, and lives and works in İstanbul. She completed her art education on a PhD level at Faculty of Fine Arts, Hacettepe University, Ankara in 2008 while she was working as a research assistant. Between 1985-1991, she continued her education with a part-time music program at the Department of Choir, Ankara State Conservatory. She also completed a program on Photography in The New School, NY in 2009. She has made several talks and workshops on her practice in New York, Argentina, Philadelphia and in different parts of Europe. Working mostly with ceramics, photograph and drawings, she re-thinks the subjects alienation, identity and tradition through today’s imagery and form by means of mass production and repetition. She has organised exhibitions at Ankara and Istanbul as a curator, while her artworks are included in many private and public collections in the US, Europe and the Middle East. Her solo exhibitions as an artist are as follows: 'A Carriage Affair', Galeri Zilberman, İstanbul, (2014); 'Cabinet of Curiosities', Cda-Projects, Istanbul (2011); 'Feeling the Blanks', Turkish Embassy Gallery, New York (2009); 'Attention! Fragile', Fine Arts Faculty, Hacettepe University, Ankara (2008) and 'Syste-Matic', Thomas Hunter Gallery, New York (2006). She also had solo presentations at Art Basel Hong Kong (2014) and Volta New York (2015) art fairs.