Alper Aydın was born in Ordu in 1989. He completed his secondary education in Ordu Fine Arts High School and graduated from Painting Teaching at Gazi University with a focus on sculpture in 2011. He received training on sculpture, video and performance practices in the Erasmus exchange student programme that he attended in Italy before completing his Master's in Gazi University with a dissertation titled "Earth Art in Turkey". Investigating the physical conditions of the environment that surrounds him and the specific flow of the nature in his works, the artist intervenes in the landscape through photographs, sculptures, installations, performances and temporary arrangements made with natural materials. Aydın also leaves temporary traces by way of making observations in nature, collecting samples or transforming the surrounding environment by adding new forms. Alper Aydın is in constant movement between Ordu, Ankara, Konya and Istanbul, and continues his PhD in Hacettepe University's Sculpture Department.