Concert: Claire Denis Film Scores 1996-2009 / Tindersticks in Concert Music And Film

April 11 2011, Monday 21.00
Fulya Sanat

The Istanbul Film Festival in its 30th year featured a unique project that brought together two of the foremost figures of film and music. French auteur Claire Denis and British rock group Tindersticks, with whom she has frequently collaborated, rejoined at this exceptional 30th year celebration of the festival.

At the concert celebrating their 15th year in collaboration, Tindersticks performed in cinematic settings, bringing together the music with the vocative images from the five films by Claire Denis that inspired it. This was the world premiere of a series of ambitious concerts.

"Sometime in Paris '95, I thought it was La Cigalle, she says it was the Bataclan, I'm not sure. That is where we met anyway, one of those places, after a concert. That's how it all started, maybe we just got on, had some kind of understanding; we have never really talked about it. I was told she said in an interview that we understand her films before she does; maybe that's true in some way, but I think she was just being gracious."
- Stuart Staples