The Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts which through its festivals and events has been taking and important role in Istanbul's culture and art life for thirty nine years and Turkish Airlines, one of the most important airline companies worldwide, signed an important collaboration. Becoming the Official Airline of the Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts, Turkish Airlines will contribute to making IKSV's events reach a wider audience and be promoted more effectively at home and abroad for three years.

In order to announce the detail of the collaboration between the Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts and Turkish Airlines, two leading institutions in their own fields, a press conference was organized on Tuesday, May 10, at the X Restaurant on the top floor of IKSV. IKSV Chairman Bülent Eczacıbaşı and THY General Manager Temel Kotil participated as speakers in the press conference.

In the speech he made in the press conference, IKSV Chairman Bülent Eczacıbaşı emphasized that providing continuous and permanent interaction between national and international values through culture and arts is one of the main targets of IKSV and stated: "For this reason we organize festivals, biennials and events with international content and emphasize in our endeavours both in Istanbul and abroad that culture and arts know no boundaries. We are very glad to have Turkish Airlines which removes the boundaries between countries in a different sense among our official sponsors. As from 2011, Turkish Airlines will be the Official Airline of the Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts for three years. As two institutions targeting to turn Istanbul into a regional centre in their own branches, I believe that we will take important steps through our mutual support and our collaboration will bear positive and efficient results in both local and international levels."

As for THY General Manager Temel Kotil, he remarked in his speech at the press conference: "Our support to IKSV carries a special meaning for us. It is a source of pride for us to become a sponsor of IKSV which has a great place in the development of culture and arts in Turkey and the worldwide promotion of Turkey."

Following the speeches, IKSV Chairman Bülent Eczacıbaşı and THY General Manager Temel Kotil realized the beginning of the collaboration between IKSV and THY through the symbolic signing ceremony.

What does the IKSV and THY collaboration bring?
Through this important collaboration between the Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts and THY, the Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts, which endeavours to promote Turkey's cultural and artistic production abroad and collaborates with international art institutions while organizing festivals in Turkey, will realize its projects abroad and at home in the upcoming period with the support of THY, now respected as a world brand.

Convenience for Flights by THY for IKSV
THY will make a great contribution to the realization of festivals by providing certain conveniences in Europe and remote flight lines for the transport of guests of Istanbul Festivals.

Promotions Abroad
Through special promotions at home and abroad, THY guests will have the opportunity to win tickets for festivals organized by IKSV. Also through special promotions and draws abroad, THY will fly the winners to Istanbul and host them at Istanbul Festivals.

Furthermore, THY will support the promotion abroad of Turkey's variety in the musical field through jazz and classical music concerts planned to be realized in CIP lounges with the participation of Turkish musicians through the collaboration with IKSV:

Opportunity for Access to the Istanbul Biennial with the Business Class Boarding Pass
THY will also make a very special collaboration with the Istanbul Biennial which, as the biggest contemporary art event of Turkey, positions Istanbul at the centre of international contemporary art agenda. By showing their Business Class Boarding Passes, THY passengers will be able to attend the 12th Istanbul Biennial to be realized between September 17 and November 13 this year free of charge.

Check-in Opportunity in Istanbul Festival Venues
Furthermore, through THY kiosks to be built at the suitable corners in Istanbul Festival venues, THY will constitute check-in and call-centres for the use of the festival's local and foreign guests along with the festival audience.

Special Publicities at THY Flights
By preparing special publicity films concerning Istanbul Festivals broadcasting them on the in-cabin screens, THY will inform its guests about Istanbul Festivals. Thereby, guests travelling by THY will be able to reach privileged and detailed information about IKSV events. SKYLIFE, the indispensable magazine for those travelling by THY for 27 years, will contribute to the promotion of IKSV events at home and abroad by giving place to special news concerning all the events of IKSV, interviews with the guests, and event calendars.

Moreover, it is planned to include in the THY in-flight entertainment system a selection of films shown in festivals after taking their copyrights along with a Turkish cinema selection. In this context, an important step will be taken for making the Turkish cinema reach international audience.