We are in deep grief and sorrow for our losses in the earthquakes that struck the country on 6 February and the days after. We believe that we can only overcome these difficult times in solidarity. We know that there are many things we can do together for a better future and we will continue our efforts to sustain culture and arts under all circumstances.

Since the earthquakes, we have been collaborating with various cultural institutions and civil organisations to develop medium and long-term projects that would support the earthquake region.

Instrument Support Fund for the Earthquake Region

We are allocating funds from our 2023 budget (including the Tamino concert to be held on 18 March) to sustain culture and arts in the region. Created by this resource, the Instrument Support Fund will provide instruments to music students and teachers affected by the disaster.

All students and teachers in the music departments of fine arts high schools and conservatories in the region, whose instruments were damaged or lost in the earthquake, can apply to the fund. Applications can be made through the link between 28 February-30 May 2023. Further information about the fund can be found here.

The project will be realised thanks to the collaboration of two major instrument suppliers in Turkey, doremusic and Zuhal Müzik, and will receive further support from Pozitif Müzik. Our aim is to expand the fund with contributions from as much institutions and organisations as possible, in order to meet the needs of all eligible applicants.

Gülriz Sururi-Engin Cezzar Theatre Encouragement Award

Supporting theatre productions since 2018, the Gülriz Sururi-Engin Cezzar Theatre Encouragement Award will focus on the earthquake region this year. With the award, a total amount of 300,000 TL will be provided to theatre companies, playwrights, directors and actors in the region.

Istanbul Biennial to raise additional funds with "Limited Editions" project

Limited edition prints of works commissioned to artists who have previously participated in the Istanbul Biennial will be auctioned in the coming days, with proceeds going to the earthquake region.

A nation-wide dialogue and support programme

This year, as part of our Cultural Policy Studies programme, we are undertaking the management of a major European Union project that involves culture, dialogue and support modules.

In a three-year run, non-governmental culture and arts organisations across Turkey will be encouraged to develop projects together with local governments to address the needs of the earthquake region, and we will grant support to the selected projects. Details will be announced on 10 March.

Detailed information on all of our medium and long term projects will be announced in the coming months.