“Masal Sahnesi” met the audience, the tales of children became a book

The fairy tales written by children at The Istanbul Tales Writing and Storytelling Workshop held between April and July, realised with the cooperation of the İstanbul Theatre Festival and the support of the İstanbul Development Agency (İSTKA), were presented to festival audiences.

The tales written and drawn by the children at the workshop were shared on stage by the participating children on 1 December 2019 during the free event Masal Sahnesi at Salon İKSV as part of the 23rd Istanbul Theatre Festival. For the event that took place under the direction of Deniz Soruklu Evren, who had also coordinated the workshop, the children sang the rhymes they had created during the workshop while being accompanied by live music.

The tales written and illustrated by children during the 12-week workshop were compiled into a special book titled Naristan. The books that were printed in Turkish and Braille were presented to the children who had participated in the workshop and to collaborating institutions.

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