İKSV Alt Kat Semester Break Workshops Start

İKSV Alt Kat: Learning and Interaction Space, founded by İKSV with the support of the Istanbul Development Agency (İSTKA) to increase access to and participation in culture and art events, opened its doors in March 2019 and continues to organise and host workshop programmes and events for children and teenagers during the semester break.

İKSV Alt Kat, which organises collaborative projects with all festival, biennial and other departments of the foundation and cooperates with over 100 institutions, has hosted over two thousand children and teenagers at free workshops and events. İKSV Alt Kat continues to be a multi-discipline, accessible and inclusive meeting point for children, teenagers, and various groups who desire to participate in art and culture events.

Workshops included in İKSV Alt Kat’s programme organised during the semester break are open for reservation and free of charge. The programme, where activities for different age groups will be held, includes five workshops. You can get detailed information about the workshops and their dates by clicking on their names:

*Making a registration at rezervasyon.iksv.org/altkat is required for participation in the workshops.