Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts (İKSV) and Zorlu Performing Arts Centre (Zorlu PSM) are engaging in a new collaboration for the year 2017, which have sprung from their common goals of introducing exclusive examples of cultural and artistic production from Turkey and abroad to audience in Istanbul, and facilitating the access of a wider public to these events.

Zorlu PSM housed and offered venue support for the special events of İKSV such as The Tiger Lillies Perform Hamlet and Cuisine and Confessions in the previous years, extending its support to the 20th Istanbul Theatre Festival of the last year. Additionally, different stages of Zorlu PSM were used as venues for various events organised by İKSV, such as the special event Milonga in 2014, two concerts at the 42nd Istanbul Music Festival, three concerts at the 23rd Istanbul Jazz Festival, and another special event in 2016, Berliner Ensemble's The Threepenny Opera.

Zorlu PSM will be reinforcing İKSV in the role of the Foundation's Venue Sponsor with the Highest Contribution throughout the year, providing support for all the events to be organised by the Foundation at Zorlu PSM.