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İstanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts (IFCA) invited the unique theater group Zingaro to present the world prmiere of "BATTUTA" as part of the 4th International Theatre Olympics from May 5th to 20th 2006: 16 dancers, 36 horses and 15 musicians of the world-renowned Zingaro Theater was a new excitement for Istanbul audiences.

The long-awaited world-premier of "BATTUTA" was performed as part of the "French Spring" and the 4th International Theatre Olympics.

The Zingaro Theater presented 12 shows from May 5th to 20th at S International Equestrian Center in İstinye.

A Mesmerizing Relationship between Man and Horse

The Zingaro Theater was founded in 1984 by Bartabas, both an actor and an equestrian. The Theater owes its name, which is the Spanish word for "Gypsy", to Bartabas' most beloved horse that he worked together for 20 years until its death. The Zingaro Theater is an attempt to put on stage the mesmerizing relationship between Man and Horse through the lens of the world cultures.

Zingaro has always managed to reveale to the world the extraordinary relationship between men and horses using touches of magic and poetry creating, with great harmony, a mixture of different cultures.
36 specially trained and talented horses and dancers will be visiting İstanbul for this occasion. The theater's first performance "Cabaret Equestre" was a French hit in 1984. Later, the theater put on "Chimère", "Eclipse" and "Triptyk" that earned them worldwide acclaim. Zingaro's latest show "Loungta / Horses of the Wind" have been performed around Europe since 2003.

"BATTUTA" was the new creation of Bartabas and Theatre Zingaro.

This world premiere event was very well awaited by the Turkish public who for the first time witnessed such a charming and bewildering show.