Within the scope of the 16th Istanbul Biennial held between 14 September and 10 November 2019, the children's book Optigull and Pesigull: A World for All of Us was published with the support of Bernard van Leer Foundation.

The book was prepared by author Yekta Kopan and illustrator Gökçe Akgül, and was edited by Burcu Ural Kopan. The Istanbul seagulls had met with the children for the first time with Optigull and Pesigull: A Good Neighbour Song at the 15th Istanbul Biennial in 2017. The second adventures of Optigull and Pesigull take place with their new friend Pigeon Greta, named after Greta Thunberg, who has become the symbol of the global climate movement. As they fly across Istanbul and walk through the biennial venues, they notice the waste in the city. The three birds, after joining forces with the other animals of the city, begin to clean up and give the humans the message “This planet is not only yours”. The book introduces children to the theme of the biennial, The Seventh Continent, exhibition spaces and works of art, while inviting children to a pleasant journey inspired by the climate movement.

Published in Turkish, English and Arabic, the book was distributed free of charge during the biennial at exhibition venues, affiliated bookstores and İKSV Alt Kat. Throughout the biennial, reading events and workshops in connection with Optigull and Pesigull: A World for All of Us was held at İKSV Alt Kat: Learning and Interaction Space.