Kamil Kayhan Yükseler was born in Kadıköy, Istanbul in 1947. Starting from secondary school, he received all his education in military schools and learned Russian. His first book translation is Nartlar: Asetin Halk Destanı. He received the Dünya Kitap Dergisi Translation Award in 2005 for his translation of A Writer’s Diary by Dostoyevsky, and the 2019 Talât Sait Halman Translation Award for his translation of the novel The Red Laugh by Leonid Nikolaievich Andreyev. He has translated works by classical writers such as Pushkin, Gogol, Tolstoy, Gorki, Leskov, Leonid Andreyev, as well as, soviet period writers including Andrei Bely, Andrei Platonov, Leonid Tsypkin, Konstantin Vaginov and Tulepbergen Kaipbergenov.