Elman Mecid was born to a musician family in Ankara in 1996. He started his musical training with piano as Gülnara Aziz’s student at the Bilkent University Faculty of Music and Performing Arts Music Preparatory Primary School and continued with percussion since 2006 as Aydın Mecid’s student. He currently studies at Hamburg University of Music and Theatre with Cornelia Monske. He won the first prize in his own category at the Pendim International Percussion Competition (Bulgaria) in 2009, fourth prize at the Nutcracker International Young Talents Competition (Russia) in 2009, first and third prizes in the group A at the 8th International Giornate della Percussione Competition (Italy) in 2010, second prize at 2011 Perkulliria 4th International Percussion Competition (Spain), and first prize and the Special Jury Prize at 4th Marimba Competition (Germany) in 2012. Elman Mecid, who has been performing in various concerts at home and abroad both as an orchestra member and a soloist throughout his student life has also been performing as a supporting artist with the Hamburg Symphony Orchestra since 2015.