Today marks the third year anniversary of Leyla Gencer's passing. We commemorate the esteemed soprano, who was the president of İKSV Board of Trustees until her passing in 2008.

On the occasion of the third-year anniversary of Leyla Gencer's passing, Leyla Gencer House can be visited until Sunday, May 15 by making a reservation. To join a guided tour of Leyla Gencer House free of charge, you can call (212) 334 08 21 for information and make a reservation.

The primadonna of opera's sanctuary, La Scala for twenty five years and the president of İKSV's Board of Trustees until her death, legendary soprano Leyla Gencer's Milanese house was partially recreated on the second floor of İKSV's Şişhane building at the beginning of May 2010. Completing its first year, Leyla Gencer House has been visited by more than 1000 visitors so far.

With the help of Melahat Behlil, Franca Cella and Massimo Gasparon, the arrangement of Leyla Gencer House was made by Pier Luigi Pizzi, the art director of Sferisto Opera and decorator who worked with Leyla Gencer in her operas for many years. Leyla Gencer House provides insight to different aspects of the life of the artist, who was not only an admired soprano but also led an intriguing personal life.

Leyla Gencer House features Gencer's living room with her piano, her library where she spent long hours, her dining room where she served Turkish cuisine to her guests, photographs of prominent figures who were part of her colourful opera life, her awards and medals as well as her bedroom with her beloved accessories and clothes. The house is a reflection of Gencer's personal tastes and full of details that convey her colourful and profound personality.