The Milan house of Turkey's greatest gift to the world of opera, one of the most famous divas of the 20th century, Leyla Gencer, is recreated in the new building of İstanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts in Şişhane. Leyla Gencer House opens its doors to those who wish to get acquainted with the artist, who arouses admiration and curiosity for her original character in both her life on stage and in her personal life.

Leyla Gencer House is organised by the art director of Sferisto Opera, Pier Luigi Pizzi, with whom Gencer worked in operas as her set designer, and with the cooperation of Melahat Behlil, Franca Cella, and Massimo Gasparon. Leyla Gencer House shares the significant moments of the artist's life, which cannot be separated from opera, with those who want to get to know her better.

Leyla Gencer House contains her living room with her piano at the forefront, her library in which she spent hours, the dining room where she hosted her guests to whom she presented Turkish cuisine, the photographs of important people who have entered her glamorous life in opera, her awards and medals, the bedroom with her accessories and costumes that she loved. The space endeavours to reflect Gencer's personal tastes and what she valued in life, and is full of details that reveal her colourful and deep personality.

Leyla Gencer House visiting hours

Leyla Gencer House can be visited between 11.00-16.30 on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday with a reservation. You can call (212) 334 08 21 for information and reservations for guided tours of Leyla Gencer House.

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