What is the Creative Enterprise Training?

This training programme has been developed by Nesta for creative entrepreneurs and the programme will enable you to explore your idea and its viability whilst progressing the development of your individual skills for setting up and running a creative enterprise.

The programme puts YOU the idea generator (the creative) in control. You have the opportunity to create a business that truly reflects your own enthusiasm, passion and values.

You will explore the relationships you and your business needs to survive. You will identify the different types of relationships you will need to develop for your product or service.

Business planning can be daunting, so through this programme you will be able to break down the process and produce a visual business plan using the blueprinting tool. This will enable you to develop a more detailed operational plan and identify areas where external expertise and resources are needed to deliver the product or service to your customers.

Who is it for?

We are looking for entrepreneurs working in any of the following creative sectors advertising, architecture, the art and antiques market, crafts, design, designer fashion, film, interactive leisure software (ie. video games), music, the performing arts, publishing, software, and television and radio.

You must have a creative ideaproductservice with either no established business yet or trading no more than 18 months, and to be eligible for a place in the training you must be working in Turkey.

How can i apply?

Applications are done.