As part of its activities towards the advancement of culture and the arts, İKSV aims to broaden and strengthen its youth targeted projects. Having become the "institutional partner" of the Music for Peace Foundation, İKSV will work towards the advancement of this orchestra, its international reputation, and its sustainability.

İKSV's Tulip Card Membership Programme also supports the orchestra, by becoming its very first and therefore "leading" sponsor. With the support of the Tulip Card Membership Programme, The Music for Peace Orchestra participated in an international youth camp as part of the Salzburg Festival, and gave two concerts following these camps. The first concert was realised on 27 July as part of this prominent classical music festival, and the second concert was as part of an international meeting of youth orchestras on 7 August, listed as one of the parallel events of the festival.

What is "Music for Peace"?

The Music for Peace Foundation was founded in 2005 by architect Mehmet Selim Baki, with the main objective of spreading the music of peace by providing free musical education to as many kids as possible. Until now, the Foundation has eradicated obstacles to artistic participation by providing free social and cultural habitats to thousands of kids with limited resources in Edirnekapı. With its different music centres that are very well integrated to the social fabric of their vicinities, the Foundation has become a place of solidarity for the kids and their families.

The Music for Peace Foundation was awarded with the Deutsche Bank Urban Age Award in 2009, and was listed among the best practices in 2012 by Sistema Europe, the European leg of El Sistema.

You can write an e-mail to or visit the Foundation's web site for further information. (in Turkish) »»