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Rexx Theater

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Four-time Oscar-winner Woody Allen's star-studded latest feature Café Society will have its Turkish premiere on 9 August at Rexx Movie Theatre, in collaboration with the Istanbul Film Festival and Bir Film. Istanbul Film Festival is setting up similar surprise events in the upcoming months.

Screened as the opening film of the 2016 Cannes Film Festival, Café Societytells a panoramic tale of glitzy New York and Hollywood of the 1930s replete with movie stars, millionaires, playboys, professors, prostitutes, and gangsters. Taking its name from the glitterati of the period, Café Societyis a dynamic, as well as sentimentally weaved, touching, and glamorous comedy.

Allen states that he has always been fascinated by the 1930s, "It was one of the most exciting times in the history of the city, with tremendous theatre life, café life, and restaurants. Up and down the line, wherever you were, the whole island was jumping with nighttime sophisticated activities."

Set in the 1930s,Café Society follows Bobby Dorfman (Jesse Eisenberg) as the Bronx-born youngest son of a peculiar jewellers family whose ambitions take him to Hollywood and back again to New York. As he has more and more trouble putting up with his bickering parents, his gangster brother and the family jewelry store, Bobby Dorfman feels like he needs a change of scenery! So he decides to go and try his luck in Hollywood where his high-powered agent uncle Phil hires him as an errand boy. In the glamorous Hollywood alleys filled with scandal, gossip and beautiful women, he soon falls in love but when his love is unrequited, he returns to New York, where he transforms a nightclub into another kind of glitterati hotspot.

Three-times Oscar winner Vittorio Storaro is the cinematographer of Café Society, whose narration is taken on by Woody Allen himself, as several of his earlier films.