Santana, 6 July 2009

Turkcell Kuruçeşme Arena

Carlos Santana, one of the major representatives of Latin rock style was back in Istanbul 20 years later with the sponsorship of Wings. Organized by İKSV, the Santana concert was held on Monday, July 6 at Turkcell Kuruçeşme Arena.

Around 13,000 people gathered for the concert of Carlos Santana, one of the major representatives of Latin-rock style, who has sold over 90 million albums and won 13 Grammy awards, along with numerous gold vinyl and music awards throughout his music career of more than 50 years.

Carlos Santana, one of the greatest music legends of the world, was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1998. America's famous music magazine Rolling Stone named and ranked Santana high in its "100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time." Santana started to play guitar at the age of eight. With his album Supernatural released in 1999, Santana again proved himself as one of the most important faces of the rock world. In its release year, the album won 9 Grammy awards including "Album of the Year", "Song of the Year" and "Best Rock Performance" and made Grammy's history by holding the record for most Grammys won by an album.

Carlos Santana, who had last come to Istanbul in 1990 as part of the 18th International Istanbul Festival gave one of the most important concerts of the summer after 20 years.