Gomidas, 16 December 2010

Istanbul Lutfi Kirdar Convention and Exhibition Centre

A pioneer in Armenian music, composer, musicologist and conductor Gomidas, who has, along with Armenian folk songs, Turkish and Kurdish folk music compilations, was commemorated with his songs in the 75th year of his death with the "Respect to Gomidas: Songs from This Land" concert. Gomidas' songs were performed in the concert, which was realised by Anadolu Kultur and Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts with the support of Kalan Music, within the scope of Istanbul 2010 European Capital of Culture's Istanbulahay projects.

In the concert held in Istanbul Lutfi Kirdar Convention and Exhibition Centre, three opera singers, Ari Edirne, Sevan Şencan and Kevork Tavityan Gomidas, along with pianist Şahan Arzruni performed Gomidas' works. Furthermore, the leading choruses of the Armenian community in Turkey including Karasun Mangants, Lusavoriç, Sahakyan, Surp Takavor and Vartanants, took the stage one by one with their groups of 40 people and performed Gomidas' choral pieces. Aynur, Sevval Sam, Bogazici Performance Arts Ensemble and Aşkın Ensemble enriched the concert with their renditions.

Having a preeminent role in Anatolian folk music studies, Gomidas received a religious education, as well as classical music education in Berlin. A priest (Vartabed) as well, Gomidas modernized and transcribed Armenian Church music into Western musical notation.