Daniel Barenboim East-West Divan Orchestra



Daniel Barenboim East-West Divan Orchestra

16 August 2006, Hagia Eirene Museum

Led by world-renown pianist-conductor Daniel Barenboim, the East-West Divan Orchestra gave a concert to their Istanbulite fans on August 16, 2006 at Hagia Eirene. The concert is organised by IKSV with the sponsorship of the Turkish Jewish Community and with the media sponsorship of CNNTurk and Milliyet Daily.

The orchestra consisting of 110 young musicians, aged between 14-25, from 17 different countries including Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, Tunisia, Spain, the Netherlands and Israel, met with Istanbulite classic music lovers for the first time.

The East-West Divan Orchestra was established in 1999 by Edward Said and Daniel Barenboim, two important names of the literary and music world, with the aim of strengthening the solidarity between cultures by bringing together young musicians from the Middle East. The orchestra has a large repertoire ranging from chamber to symphonic music and their concerts at the Victoria Hall in 2004 and the Ramallah Cultural Centre in Palestine in 2005 were internationally acclaimed.

The first Istanbul concert of the East-West Divan Orchestra broadcasted on CNNTurk had a remarkable impact.