OPEN CALL: Design the CAMEKÂN (Display Case)

İKSV Alt Kat is issuing an open call to designers for a public space application that will be implemented in collaboration with the Istanbul Design Biennial and Graphic Designers Professional Organisation (GMK). Within the scope of the project, realised with the support of Istanbul Development Agency (İSTKA), the six square meters display case on the façade of İKSV Alt Kat: Learning and Interaction Space, opened to public on March 2019 on the ground floor of Nejat Eczacıbaşı Building in Şişhane, is facilitated as a design and production area..

What is CAMEKÂN?

A work of a young graphic designer or communication designer, derived from fundamental design topics, has been displayed in a public space every month since March 2019 within the scope of the programme created by Istanbul Design Biennial in collaboration with İKSV Alt Kat and Graphic Designers Professional Organisation (GMK). The second leg of the project will go on until March 2020.

Projects from the open call that are selected by the jury will each be exhibited in the glass display of İKSV Alt Kat for a month, starting from 1 August 2019.

Who is in the jury?

Applications will be assessed by a board of 5 members, consisting of the İKSV team and members of Graphic Designers Professional Organisation. The implementation process of selected designs will be supported through consultation and supervision from jury members throughout the process. Jury members of the second term are:

Istanbul Design Biennial Director Deniz Ova
İKSV Corporate Identity and Publications Director Didem Ermiş
Graphic Designer, GMK Member Özge Güven
Graphic Designer, GMK Member Emre Çıkınoğlu
Graphic Designer, GMK Member Ardan Ergüven

Application rules and notes of consideration
To submit, send the application form, the project you plan to produce and its presentation, a brief letter of introduction, and a brief description of your design via Google Forms. You can find the application form here.

  • Dot, Line, Shape, Colour, Texture, Size, Motion, Symmetry / Asymmetry, Positive / Negative. Designers willing to participate in the CAMEKÂN project should set off from one to three of these topics that comprise the fundamentals of design. Other concepts that may be added and the structure of the work is completely up to the designer.
  • Generated designs will be exhibited in a 2,5m x 2,4m, 0,3m display case. You can visualise your work in two or three dimensions and can use different materials such as typography, photography, video or other printing techniques.
  • When you are designing your project, you should take into consideration that there are two more window displays at the façade of İKSV Alt Kat and promotional material for the Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts are displayed in these. You should be careful about your project having a structure that will not lose visibility beside these two window displays.
  • Designers should not be older than 26.
  • Designers from cities outside Istanbul are welcome; however after their work is accepted, if they need to come to Istanbul for preparation and/or installation, travel expenses should be covered by designers.
  • Applicants should be enrolled in or graduated from graphic design or visual communication design departments of universities.
  • Designers should take into consideration that projects will have a limited budget (a maximum of 2.000 TRY per project).

When will the results be announced?
Designs that will be exhibited between August 2019 and March 2020 will be announced on the websites of Istanbul Design Biennial, GMK and İKSV Alt Kat on 26 June 2019. Applicants that have not been selected will not be given feedback or detailed response.

What is İKSV Alt Kat?
A learning and interaction space set up by the Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts (İKSV) with support from Istanbul Development Agency (İSTKA). Click for detailed information.

CAMEKÂN aims to provide a platform that can reach wide audiences for young graphic and visual communication designers –as well as designers-to-be– where original ideas can be put forward, supporting the careers of young designers by providing visibility in a public space.

The content of this publication, prepared within the scope of "İKSV Learning and Interaction Space Creative Workshop Programme for Children and Youth” that is supported by the Istanbul Development Agency, does not reflect the views of Istanbul Development Agency or the Industry and Technology Ministry of Turkey. Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts is the only party responsible for the content.