İKSV was the first foundation to establish the concept of sponsoring cultural and artistic events in Turkey. With their attitude of social responsibility and a sense of belonging to this city, İKSV event sponsors have contributed toward successfully bringing about some of the most exclusive artistic events ever held in İstanbul, and elevated the level of the city's artistic life.

With its team of highly-motivated, educated and experienced individuals, İKSV was a pioneer in its field up until the 1990s. The Foundation has earned well-deserved respect in Turkey and gained a noteworthy class of followers and public support. International acclaim, and support of its promotion activities by both local and foreign press have brought the Foundation a high level of access to and attendance from international artistic spheres. The high standards maintained in İKSV-organized festivals, the extraordinary organizational capabilities involved and the overall impression left on the public have all helped to foster a feeling of trust in the sponsoring institutions.

The sponsorship program has been designed to meet the promotion and marketing needs and strategies of the sponsors. The sponsorship categories are:

Official Sponsors: Official sponsors support İKSV and are entitled to use the title of Sponsor for an entire year. Their names and logos appear on the materials of all the festivals. These institutions are classified by their sectors, such as "official carrier," "official bank," "official hotel of İKSV," etc. Since 1995, when the sponsorship program was designed, The Marmara, Renault and DHL Worldwide Express have been Official Sponsors. In the first two years, Emlak Bank was in this category as well. Between 1999 and 2002, the official bank of İKSV was Koçbank, followed by Finansbank in 2004.

Festival Sponsors: Festival sponsors serve as the main sponsor for a particular festival. Their names and logos appear on all materials (printed materials, media, decoration at the respective venues) related to that festival. The title of Festival Sponsor can be used for one calendar year. Borusan Holding is the Festival Sponsor of the International İstanbul Music Festival. Akbank is the Festival Sponsor for the International İstanbul Film Festival. Garanti Bank is the Festival Sponsor of the International İstanbul Jazz Festival. The Festival Co-sponsors of the International İstanbul Theater Festival are Aygaz and Opet. Koç Holding is the sponsor of the International İstanbul Biennial.

Venue/Performance Sponsors: The sponsors for the movie theaters used in the Film Festival are called Venue Sponsors. Performance Sponsors are institutions that sponsor a night of the Music and Jazz Festival concerts, or the theater performances taking place in the Theater Festival. A contribution to a project by a biennial artist exclusively for İstanbul is designated as a Special Project Sponsorship. This is the most dynamic and innovative category of İKSV sponsorship program; and according to the cost of the performances, new sponsors are added each year to the list of traditional sponsors.

Media Sponsors: İKSV's advertising campaign depends on the support of media sponsors, which are divided into three sub-categories: press, TV, magazine and radio sponsors. The goal behind this category is to secure free news coverage for İKSV. The Media Sponsors support all events organized over a given year.

Service Sponsors: Printing and similar services are provided during the festivals by service sponsors, either free of charge or at discount rates.

Sponsors who offer continuous long-term support for cultural and artistic events as a conscious element of their "corporate culture" will be remembered as socially responsible institutions. In creating their corporate identity, developing their brands or promoting their products, the sponsors help raise consumers' artistic and cultural awareness, and consequently, elevate their society.

The relationship between İKSV and its sponsors does not merely provide corporations exposure for their logo, but also an opportunity for them to promote their brands, products or corporate image to the vast spectrum of society attending the festivals. Product promotion and database creation activities at the festival venues serve these and similar purposes. The sponsorship becomes the brand, and this is crucial when it comes to reaching target visitors most effectively.

A long-term sponsor-festival relationship should be created, one that contributes significantly both to cultural and artistic life in İstanbul and Turkey, as well as to the corporate images and cultures of the sponsors. To be meaningful for İKSV and its sponsors, such a relationship must be ongoing. In this country where economic instability reigns, sponsorship is a sine-qua-non for achieving lasting quality in artistic organizations.

Culture and the arts are the building blocks of a society. With this in mind, we invite you to support İKSV, for a more enlightened society with a heightened cultural awareness; one that remains steadfast in its values, enhancing them for generations to come.

For further information regarding the sponsorship program, please contact:

Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts
Sponsorship Department

+90 212 334 07 00