HR Policies

Human Resources Policies

IKSV’s human resources policy is developed in line with the essential goals of the Foundation. Aiming to make Istanbul one of the world’s foremost capitals of culture and arts with the help of its competent and dynamic staff, IKSV chooses its employees among individuals who are open to new developments and improvement. Parallel to its values, IKSV sees providing a participatory and transparent working environment as an indispensible part of its human resources policy and thus, gives its employees career and development opportunities.

In line with the importance given to the dissemination of arts and culture on the local and international level, the Foundation expects its employees to be interested in issues of arts and culture, have a good command of foreign languages (primarily English) and good communication skills. Competence in problem solving, decision-making, planning and organizing, commitment to teamwork, eagerness for self-improvement, creativity and innovativeness and having a positive attitude are among the common characteristics of IKSV employees. As an institution that operates in the international arena, IKSV is open to applications from Turkey and abroad.